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TOP: High Performance Fuel / MIDDLE: Engine exhaust, Motor Oil Base: Greasy Hangar

**PLEASE, PLEASE NOTE: Jet Fuel in the Morning & To the Tabs are the SAME SCENT.**

**Furthermore, I tried like hell to get these candles to smell as much like av gas and jet fuel as I could. It has been an incredibly painstaking process and at this point I only have one fuel fragrance that I feel is good enough to sell to y’all. I know I haven’t quite nailed either scent but these candles definitely smell like fuel and a greasy hangar work area! So, if you’re looking for the exact smell-alike of av gas or jet fuel, unfortunately, this candle might not be for you. But if you can get on board with one that’s definitely in the general, intoxicating, fuel-fumes ballpark then I would absolutely LOVE to send you my most outrageous smelling candle yet!

**Please trust that this is still a work in progress, though, so I haven’t even come close to giving up on perfecting these candles!